Thursday, 26 May 2011

Technology, I love you so much it's retarded!

This morning, we took Guns and went for a run. He has been getting some decent outdoors time since the weather has finally turned nice, but the poor kid seems to fall asleep almost immediately when we go for walks. He is a trooper though and I love that he never fusses or throws fits when we haul him around the neighbourhood. I always vowed before having kids that I would NEVER have one of those children who walked around glued to video games or constantly plugged into whatever electronic device they can. I was all like "I'm going to take my kids outside and let them appreciate real life, etc..."

Well, this afternoon while Kyle was at class, Guns woke up and had a bit of a meltdown. Usually I sing to him but I was just not in the mood. I picked Kyle' ipod up off the ottoman, quickly pulled the headphones out and turned it on to some Glee songs (and yes, it might have been a couple Bieber songs). Well, he quit crying immediately, but within 30 seconds insisted on touching/holding the ipod. I thought it was pretty funny watching his puzzled expression at this thing that makes noise, but I thought "hey if the crying has stopped, then by all means... enjoy!"

As if right on cue, he decided to "ENJOY" Kyle's ipod in true baby fashion. I'm only pretty sure that there's no way he could've gotten it any further in his mouth without damage being done to the device. I only wish I'd gotten the picture when he was giving me gummy smiles while he happily listened and kicked his chubby little legs to "Bust a Move."

After a 'kick to the crotch' kind of day, how could I not just sit back and laugh? It's official, my kid loves technology so much it's retarded... and I'm ok with that!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

After being informed that I am "the worst blogger ever" I have decided to make a concerted effort to suck a little less. Part of my blogging frustration is that I am keenly aware that we need a new camera. This is evident by the fact that I can count the number of good pictures we have of Gunnar on 1 hand, while my super talented sister-in-law gets amazing shots of him every time. As such, I am poaching some of her pictures to further prove my point...

For those of you wondering, yes, he usually is this cute, but without a faster camera than the one we have, he is not usually this photogenic. We often end up with "deer in the headlights" pictures as can be plainly seen here:

Still, this kid is one of my favorites. I thought this blog post should be dedicated to some of my favorite things. So here are just a couple:

1) Any time Kyle packs Gunnar in the front pack (& he has done this a LOT). It makes me smile as I envision that this is how Kyle might look pregnant...

2) Bath time at our house is getting more amusing every day. We though Guns was pretty awesome when he learned how to splash himself while in Arizona in February, but he is a crazy man now. At the end of every bath, we drain some water, let him flip onto his tummy and splash like a madman. I don't know what is funnier, his tiny naked bum, his crazy giggles, or the fact that Kyle and I are pretty much soaked by the time he's had enough...

3) Healthy competition. I think it's safe to say that Kyle and I like to win better than to lose. While this used to be mainly in sports, since getting together, this has expanded to such unimportant realms as random Sunday night cards, "guess how much the groceries cost" and recently anything where there is a prize. We have now entered a really scary phase of our insane need to win: we spent a good chunk of a day creating this beauty for our ward cake-off... oh yeah, and for those of you laughing, we WON a prize.