Thursday, 26 May 2011

Technology, I love you so much it's retarded!

This morning, we took Guns and went for a run. He has been getting some decent outdoors time since the weather has finally turned nice, but the poor kid seems to fall asleep almost immediately when we go for walks. He is a trooper though and I love that he never fusses or throws fits when we haul him around the neighbourhood. I always vowed before having kids that I would NEVER have one of those children who walked around glued to video games or constantly plugged into whatever electronic device they can. I was all like "I'm going to take my kids outside and let them appreciate real life, etc..."

Well, this afternoon while Kyle was at class, Guns woke up and had a bit of a meltdown. Usually I sing to him but I was just not in the mood. I picked Kyle' ipod up off the ottoman, quickly pulled the headphones out and turned it on to some Glee songs (and yes, it might have been a couple Bieber songs). Well, he quit crying immediately, but within 30 seconds insisted on touching/holding the ipod. I thought it was pretty funny watching his puzzled expression at this thing that makes noise, but I thought "hey if the crying has stopped, then by all means... enjoy!"

As if right on cue, he decided to "ENJOY" Kyle's ipod in true baby fashion. I'm only pretty sure that there's no way he could've gotten it any further in his mouth without damage being done to the device. I only wish I'd gotten the picture when he was giving me gummy smiles while he happily listened and kicked his chubby little legs to "Bust a Move."

After a 'kick to the crotch' kind of day, how could I not just sit back and laugh? It's official, my kid loves technology so much it's retarded... and I'm ok with that!


  1. haha Thats so cute. I want to do everything within my power not to have a gamer boy, but sometimes I think you just have to give in!

  2. Ahaha his expression in the last picture is priceless!