Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blog tag... man our generation is lazy...

Ok, I must honestly express my concern at the general laziness of our generation. Am I seriously "playing tag" while sitting stationary? I shake my head in self-disbelief. Um Lindsey, it is only because you tagged me and I plan on us running together later that I am justifying this now. And without further adieu...

Three things you like about yourself:

1) I can function on very little sleep. Though some of you may be wondering "what the...?" I tell you, I like that I can stay up all night with baby Guns and still get things done the next day. Before having Gunnar, I used to "burn the candle at both ends" -staying up really late, then getting up really early. People would think I was crazy, but now with a baby, I am grateful for my crazy sleep (or lack of) habits because I feel invincible some days.

2) I can make up ridiculous songs on the spot; that's right, the tiny creative part of my brain is bursting with awesome rhymes. Just ask Gunnar. Some days we (and I use the term "we" loosely) sing songs about doing the dishes or nasty diapers, or drooling and although as a general rule I don't sing in public, I will belt out a nonsense song for my tiny handsome baby anywhere, anytime. Bring it Eminem, I am a spontaneous lyrical master.

3) My body can do lots of cool stuff. I have always been somewhat athletic, but even when not in peak physical shape (like for the past year) I pride myself in pushing my body. Like hiking, or backpacking/playing basketball/running pregnant. In October, like it or not, my body is going to learn what it feels like to run really far. Dear body, good luck with that. Love, Robin.

Post a picture that you like:

Uh, can anyone really pick just one picture that they like? I can't, so here are a few of my favorites...

Three people to tag:

1)Megan Greff

2)Brooklyn Oviatt

3)Kaycee Monteleone


  1. robin- I had to sedentary tag you because I'm not there to slap you in the face and yell, 'TAG!' You know whose body is going to hate her? Mine. My body will double in on itself and say 'no way, crazy lady, will I run that far' Mind over matter though, my superior knowledge of chemical redox reactions will compel my body onward. Let's run when I get back, k? When we're done buying our house and get back to E-town, I'll call ya.

  2. I'm noticing a serious lack of updates here...and I'm pretty sure you life must be far more exciting than mine.

  3. So somehow I missed this post until just now. It made me feel bad that I still hadn't done my own post the Erin Dudley tagged me in. oops...