Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Concrete Widow

Ok, so last week I was a "concrete widow." After flu had ripped its way through our little family, Kyle took off up north to work for his cousin Shayne for a week. Besides the fact that I like my husband a whole lot and we spend the majority of our free time together, I was a little apprehensive about being "single mom" style for a week. Especially after having flu the week before, Gunnar was a little bit off. It's tough having a little guy who is old enough to recognize that Dad hasn't come home, but not big enough to understand why. He was quite a handful the second day when he realized that there was no "fun parent" kickin' around.

On the up side, we had a good week with decent routine. I am not sure if my apartment has ever been as clean as it was that week. When Guns sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon, there's a good window of time to mop floors, fold laundry and do the dishes. The best part was that a Gunnar that naps is a happy Gunnar. I have decided that if my kid wakes up crying, he needs more sleep. We took that theory and ran with it; turns out once my kid has had enough sleep, he wakes up in the happiest mood ever. I took this picture because he woke up giggling and smiling with crazy hair and was in the best mood EVER!

I will admit that even though Guns and I got into some good habits in Kyle's absence, I was missing my husband tremendously. He called me on Saturday and mid-conversation the phone cut out. As I was dialing him back, I heard the door open and he quietly whispered "surprise!" I was soooooo thrilled to have both my handsome men under one roof again. The awesome thing about Kyle's arrival was that he'd been without a razor for the week, which meant that he grew himself a sweet-gross patchy Indian beard! Seriously almost homeless material! Needless to say, this thing only lasted for a few minutes post picture.

I have a new appreciation for my sister and sister-in-laws who do a lot of solo-parenting while their husbands are busy working. You guys are my heros!

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